Are wooden dildos from the mysterious forests of Transylvania, made from Ash trees growing in the vicinity of Dracula’s own Poenari castle. These trees have absorbed the indescribable atmosphere of those ancient times and their nightmarish secrets. Vampire Dildos are passionate, unruly and unpredictable. Surrendering to them, will be like playing with fire…
Impaler Dildo Impaler dildo
Vampire Dildos are produced from Ash wood in the Poenari castle vicinity. The sustainable and ecological manner of harvesting doesn’t burden the environment and after logging the wood is transported to the Czech Republic where it is handcrafted and sculpted into VDs. The genuine origin of Vampire Dildos is guaranteed by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Standard Packaging - Vampire Dildos

Your mysterious friend from beyond 

Imapler's wide head will help you experience its mythical powers and its rippled body will sensually submit you. In three adventurous sizes.

                                        Buy: 115 EUR

A flawless fusion of ancient times and today’s technology

A wooden vibrator with a demonic head and endless ripples. No taboo exists with this one.

Dimensions 23cm, Ø 4,3 cm      Buy: 130 EUR
Teaser - Vampire Dildos
How are Vampire Dildos produced?
Wood is hard. Its structure and grain hides a certain softness and this is what we have elevated to an advantage by careful sanding to an ultimate smoothness. When you touch your wooden dildo for the first time, you just want to caress it – that pleasant and silky it is. We re-discovered the shapes of pleasure from times long gone. For your safety and hygiene, we have encapsulated every VD into five layers of food grade lacquer. Endless passion will not be threatened by a splinter or crack, nor by infection or allergy.

How to take care of my Vampire Dildo?

Take care of it right and it will last for an eternity. Wash it with soap under running water and dry with a towel. You can use alcohol based disinfectants for erotic toys as well. But don’t use abrasive towels and do not soak your wooden dildo in water or use a dishwasher. All lubricants (water-, silicon-, and oil based) are perfectly alright.

How to choose the right size for me?
Vampire Dildos will satisfy all your dark desires – be it gentle lovemaking or animalistic sex. Three sizes will go hand in hand with your needs.
The gently “S” (length 21 cm, diameter 3,5 cm) confirms that less is sometimes more. Great, if you are just beginning with wooden dildos or you prefer romantic massages.
The experienced “M” (length 23 cm, diameter 4,2 cm) is universal,
but the feelings it creates will be only yours.
The brave “L” (length 25 cm, diameter 5 cm) is nothing for fragile adventurers. If you are looking for something more, then you will fall in love.
Teaser - your knight of darkness

A firm grip and four beads will reliably fulfill their goal, be it a vagina or anus.

Dimensions 21cm, Ø4 cm       Buy: 105 EUR
Stretcher - Vampire Dildos
The exact opposite of the dominant Impaler

Delicate first touches are quickly followed by a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

Dimensions 19cm, Ø5 cm      Buy: 105 EUR
Wooden Case - Vampire Dildos
A branded solid Ash box

If the standard paper box is nothing for you, then treat yourself to this luxurious case with a velvet inlay.

Dimensions  29x9x9 cm      Buy: 35 EUR
Coffin Box - Vampire Dildos
A spruce coffin with a patina look

Lay your Vampire Dildo to rest in crimson velvet.

Dimensions  30x11x8 cm    Buy: 45 EUR